Contracted Air Transport

“If a call came through tomorrow and we needed to set up an aircraft base in Fiji, Honduras or even Cambodia we could do it” Peter Vincent

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Contracted Air Transport is large scale work which involves a formal arrangement. It usually involves the dedicated use of aircraft, crew and engineers for an extended period. A contract arrangement provides guaranteed service of the highest quality at competitive rates. Vincent Aviation works closely with clients to build relationships and provide  added value to its services.


Timor Leste: This Vincent Aviation Reims 406 powers over Suai airport. We have aircraft able to operate from shorter or unsealed runways that would prove too difficult for some other aircraft

Vincent Aviation has the management and resources to rapidly deplomenty to meet client requirements through aircraft selection, operating certification, skilled staff, maintenance standards and operational experience.

Vincent Aviation can – and has – assisted in international humanitarian aid work and United Nations peacekeeping. Its aircraft can access remote sites, even in difficult circumstances. The company has an impeccable safety record and proven reliability. Its client base includes UN agencies, agencies from a number of countries’ governments and several multinational corporations, particularly from the oil and mining industries.

Vincent Aviation is well placed to provide services throughout South East Asia and the Pacific region from its bases in Wellington, New Zealand, and Darwin, Australia. The company is ready and willing to respond anywhere within this region and beyond.  Operations have been flown from the mountainous regions of Nepal to the remote Auckland Islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean.

To assess how Vincent Aviation can best meet your requirements to carry passengers or freight look at ‘The Fleet’ section, then ‘Contact Us’ to enquire about availability and rates. If you have an on-going requirement then discuss arranging Contracted Air Transport.