Groote Eylandt, Cairns Schedule

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Groote Eylandt, Cairns Schedule
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Depart Groote Eylandt            8:00am CST  
Arrive Cairns           10:45am EST  
Depart Cairns          

12:00pm EST

Arrive Groote Eylandt          

1:45pm CST



Groote Eylandt is a designated “dry” community. The carriage of alcohol to the island is strictly prohibited unless you are carrying a valid liquor permit

Prices (Inc GST)

Vincent Aviation Prices are all inclusive - no hidden extras.

Adult (one way) 


Internet Price

Child (3-12 Years) (one way) 


Internet Price

Flexi Fly



Flexi Fly



Value Fly* Conditions Apply



Value Fly* Conditions Apply



Early Fly* Conditions Apply

$395.00 $385.00

Early Fly* Conditions Apply

$345.00 $335.00

* Value Fly fares are non-changeable, non-transferable and non-refundable, limited seats available.